image of SYNLawn Southern Ontario installs mini golf course for the visually impaired and blind at CNIB Lake Joseph Canada

National Institute for the Blind receives new SYNLawn Golf course


SYNLawn Toronto Celebrates Philanthropic Installation for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind

MacTier, ON – SYNLawn Southern Ontario recently completed a philanthropic installation in Toronto, benefitting the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). The CNIB Foundation was founded in 1918 and is a non-profit organization that aims to change what it means to be blind. The CNIB empowers those with blindness to live out their dreams through innovative programs and advocacy.

John Larsen, the owner of SYNLawn Southern Ontario / SYNLawn Toronto, and his team have installed hundreds of similar projects over the past decade, making Larsen and his crew an excellent choice for the installation. Through Larsen’s valued relationship with the CNIB, Larsen partnered with the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) to contribute a one-of-a-kind custom mini-golf course and amenities to the organization.

image of SYNLawn Toronto installs artificial grass Soccer field and 8 hold Mini Golf Course at Canadian National Institute for the Blind image of SYNLawn Toronto installs artificial grass Soccer field and 8 hold Mini Golf Course at Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Building a Mini-Golf Course for the Blind at Lake Joe

SYNLawn Southern Ontario helped build a first-of-its-kind, new mini-golf course for the Blind at CNIB Lake Joe. The field results from a generous donation from SYNLawn Toronto, the Synthetic Turf Council, and several STC members.

The all-inclusive ADA compliant eight-hole mini-golf course uses SYNLawn Precision Putt in combination with SYNTipede 343 to define the shape of the synthetic putting green surface. Additionally, Safeshell, a crunchy, crushed walnut shell infill, was used, allowing golfers to hear where the putting green surface ends and the outer grass begins. Larsen’s team also seamed in bright yellow lines along the sides to help guide sight-impaired golfers from the starting tee areas to the finishing hole. The contrast of yellow and green turf also helps the colorblind find their way along the golf course path with easy-to-see lines. Multi-colored golf balls and hole flags also aid those with some sight and include braille for the blind throughout the course, which spells out “Mini Golf.”

Making a Difference for the Visually Impaired with artificial grass

The newly installed mini-golf course makes a difference for the visually impaired at CNIB Lake Joe. A study completed by the American Foundation for the blind concluded that 70% of children with sight loss do not play organized sports due to the many obstacles the visually impaired have to overcome to participate in sports.