Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered here, please call (866) 758-7888 today for more information.

Are your in-home golf greens custom built?

Yes our practice golf greens are custom designed by experienced professionals. Backyard putting greens from SYNLawn Golf are a great way to improve your short game and to increase the value of your home. In the game of golf… read more

Can your outdoor putting greens truly replicate natural golf surfaces?

Our backyard putting greens, indoor golf greens and many other practice golf products are engineered to perform like natural grass in order to provide you with an experience that mirrors playing on the finest golf courses in the world. When you… read more

What synthetic grass options do you offer for your practice golf greens?

SYNLawn Golf practice golf greens offer an incredibly realistic look and feel and play like your very favorite natural grass greens. We offer a number of great synthetic grass products for you to choose from for your backyard putting green, and… read more

Do you offer fairway turf in addition to your golf putting products?

SYNLawn is well known for its golf putting greens, but that’s not all we’re about. We also offer a number of other golf related products including artificial fairway turf. This product is a winner for golf courses looking for a product that perfectly replicates… read more

Where can I use your practice golf mats?

SYNLawn Golf practice golf mats allow you to practice your stroke no matter where you are and in any type of climate. We offer both fairway mats and golf putting mats that are perfect for your home or office and made from nylon top cloth for an ultra… read more

Can SYNLawn Golf install indoor putting greens?

Yes, we count indoor greens among the products we design and install. Our indoor putting greens are favorites of commercial clients who install them in their offices as well as homeowners with the indoor space to support a practice green… read more

Do you offer any golf training aids in addition to custom putting greens on your website?

We do indeed offer golf training aids in addition to our custom backyard putting greens and indoor greens. These include our practice golf mats and do it yourself greens as well as The Elements of Practice by Dave Pelz. The elements of practice… read more

Do you offer practice golf mats for practicing both fairway and putting situations?

Our practice golf mats are tremendous golf training aids, and are available in both fairway and golf green layouts. Our fairway and putting mats offer a real look and feel and a durability that will allow you to practice anytime, anywhere for… read more

Which products do you recommend for backyard putting greens?

Our backyard putting greens and indoor golf greens benefit from synthetic grass products that are state-of-the-art and built to provide a performance worthy of natural grass greens. When you choose an artificial putting green from… read more

Can your putting mats be used indoors?

Yes our putting mats are equipped to be used indoors. All of our practice golf mats feature a non-skid backing to keep them in place even when placed indoors on the slickest hardwood or tile floors. SYNLawn Golf is home to the very best… read more

Does SYNLawn offer do-it-yourself greens?

SYNLawn Golf does offer do it yourself greens, and will show you how to build a putting green in three easy steps. Our Do-It-Yourself golf putting greens are a part of the Dave Pelz Greenmaker™ series, and offer a tool-free assembly and the experience… read more

Can my SYNLawn distributor show me how to build a putting green?

We’ll be happy to show you how to build a putting green from SYNLawn, and you’ll be glad to hear that you can do it in three easy steps! We are not only home to the industry’s finest custom backyard putting greens, indoor greens… read more

What type of maintenance do your artificial putting greens require?

SYNLawn Golf artificial putting greens require very little in the way of maintenance. In fact all that’s really required of you by our backyard golf greens and indoor golf greens is your enjoyment! Synthetic grass requires no watering, fertilizing or… read more

Can your indoor putting greens be installed in commercial office facilities?

Our indoor putting greens can be installed in any commercial facility that boasts the available space. SYNLawn Golf practice golf greens are the most realistic and durable on the market today, and are part of a large collective of golf-related… read more

Do I need specific tools to learn how to build a putting green?

We can teach anyone how to build a putting green, and the best part about our do-it-yourself putting greens is that assembly is tool-free. SYNLawn Golf is of course home to the industry’s finest custom backyard putting greens and indoor greens… read more

Above are a few of our most frequently asked questions, however, if you don’t find what you are looking for here please give us a call or send us a message from our contact page.

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