Design and Installation

Pelz specified. SYNLawn Greensmaster™ installed.

Short game guru Dave Pelz has often said, “Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” Think about it, if you practice badly you will perform badly. It’s how you practice, where you practice and how often you practice that makes the real difference in your golf game.

dave pelz putting green installation inspection image

We at SYNLawn understand this concept and it is one of the primary reasons we partnered with Dave Pelz. Working with Mr. Pelz, we created the SYNLawn Greensmaster™ program. This program helps ensure quality installations of our putting greens with true-to-life golf performance for our customers.

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The quality of the installation of an artificial putting green is just as important, if not more important, than the quality of the products used on the surface. Realistic performance all depends on how the putting green is specified and how those specifications are implemented during installation. To ensure all installations are true to real life, again we turn to Dave Pelz. Through his decades of professional golf instruction and short game course golf design, all SYNLawn installed putting greens follow strict specifications developed by Dave Pelz. Each of the specifications provided by Dave Pelz provide true to life golf performance, consistent ball roll for working through the Elements of Practice, and give SYNLawn the distinctive advantage over other artificial putting green companies. Only SYNLawn provides you with the most realistic golf experience through Dave Pelz and the SYNLawn Greensmaster™ professional installation program.

The SYNLawn Greensmaster™ certification program encompasses a rigorous set of standards created by SYNLawn and Dave Pelz to which all of our installers are judged. To be certified in the SYNLawn Greensmaster™ program our installation crews must be trained in all techniques and demonstrate their abilities over time. Only after they have proven their techniques and have shown the ability to perfectly install putting greens with smooth seams, natural undulations, proper surrounding fringe and course style bunkers will they be certified a SYNLawn Greensmaster™. To maintain their certification they must pass periodic inspections of their putting green installations and continue training as new products and techniques are developed.

Overview of techniques mastered by certified SYNLawn Greensmaster™ locations:

Advanced base

installed artificial putting greens base imageArtificial putting greens will only perform as good as the base underneath. To master base techniques installers must create a perfectly smooth base surface, various elevations, natural undulations and maintain proper slope.

Landscape integration

installed artificial putting greens landscape imageIntegrating a putting green in the backyard of a homeowner is essential for proper installations. To demonstrate proper landscape integration installers must demonstrate smooth transitions into yard or existing landscape features, proper finishing techniques and proper landscape golf design.

Precision seaming

installed artificial putting greens seam imageBumpy seams are unacceptable and will interfere with proper ball roll. To master precision seaming techniques installers must demonstrate smooth seams with no ball roll interference, perfect transitions from fringe to putting surface, proper fit and workmanship.

Quality installation materials

installed artificial putting greens cup imageTo be a certified SYNLawn Greensmaster™ installation only the best quality materials will be used during the installation process. All base material, adhesives, spikes and cup assemblies with be of the best quality available from long standing suppliers.

Ongoing training

installation ongoing training imageAll installers must be trained and continue to be trained in order to maintain their SYNLawn Greensmaster™ certification. As new products and techniques are developed each installation crew will be trained and must demonstrate new methods effectively.

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