Dave Pelz ShotStopper

If you want to improve your game, then consider including the Dave Pelz ShotStopper™ System to your backyard putting green. This optional upgrade can be added to any new custom installed SYNLawn putting green. The ShotStopper features a proprietary underlayment system that goes beneath your SYNLawn artificial golf turf, and allows balls hit from an excess of 75-yards+ to land just like the real thing.

Legendary golfer Tom Watson had the Dave Pelz ShotStopper System installed within his practice facility at his Kansas City, MO, home because the artificial turf maintains its speed as well as consistency no matter what season it is. Whether you’re chipping, pitching, hitting a bunker shot, hitting out of heavy rough or putting, you’ll be able to play just like you’re on real grass.

“The Shotstopper is the most realistic Golf Greens system in the industry.”Dave Pelz, PGA Instructor

When you purchase the ShotStopper System, you’ll benefit from receiving a whole lot more than just a putting green. You will also receive on-site support from the Pelz Institute staff, design assistance, full use of Dave Pelz Elements of Practice and cup placement consulting. Plus you’ll receive an autographed book or signature putting green designed by Dave Pelz himself. You’ll also be able to add any element to your custom-installed SYNLawn golf facility that you might find on a real course, including:

  • Rough
  • Fringe
  • Fairway
  • Bunkers
  • Contoured greens
  • Tiered greens

Create your ultimate golf practice area with the Dave Pelz ShotStopper System and start watching strokes begin falling off your scorecards. Now you can practice better – without ever leaving home. Eco-conscious customers will love our recyclable product even more because ours is the only artificial golf surface available with EnviroLoc™ technology, a biobased backing made from renewable resources including soybeans and post-manufacturer waste.

Concerned about the upkeep? Don’t be. Our putting greens are virtually maintenance-free, which means that you’ll save on things like water, mowing the lawn, fertilizers and pesticides. Just as important, you’ll save time so you’ll have more leftover for the things you love, like playing golf.

Let one of SYNLawn’s GreensMaster™ Certified distributors or Authorized Suppliers install our proprietary system today. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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