Putting Mat

Can your putting mats be used indoors?

Yes our putting mats are equipped to be used indoors. All of our practice golf mats feature a non-skid backing to keep them in place even when placed indoors on the slickest hardwood or tile floors. SYNLawn Golf is home to the very best in backyard putting greens, indoor golf greens, Do-It-Yourself home putting greens and great golf training aids such as The Elements of Practice by Dave Pelz. Our practice mats are made from the same great state-of-the-art synthetic grass as our custom greens. Plus they are portable and easy to transport, meaning you can use them anytime and anyplace, including indoors. Learn more by calling your local SYNLawn distributor today.

Golf enthusiasts love SYNLawn for all they have to offer, and with good reason. Their line of golf-related products includes:

The ability to practice the game you love on a moment’s notice is at the heart of all these wonderful products. And with the ability to set up and use our practice mats to putt indoors in your office or home that is especially the case. Discover what SYNLawn Golf has to offer for the golf lover in you.

SYNLawn has been producing the industry’s most innovative synthetic grass products for over four decades. Their success is result of endless research and development and a passion for advancing their products and their industry forward. In that spirit and in collaboration with golf legend Dave Pelz we will continue to produce products for the golf enthusiast that move their games forward wile providing the most realistic of golf experiences.

Your local SYNLawn distributor is waiting to hear from you about the golf products you’re interested in. Call today!

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