Practice Golf Mat

Do you offer practice golf mats for practicing both fairway and putting situations?

Our practice golf mats are tremendous golf training aids, and are available in both fairway and golf green layouts. Our fairway and putting mats offer a real look and feel and a durability that will allow you to practice anytime, anywhere for years to come. These mats simulate fairway conditions with realistic interaction between the club head and synthetic grass blades, while our portable golf putting greens offer a great way to improve your short game. From custom home putting greens to Do-It-Yourself putting greens and of our course our practice mats, we’ve got all the bases covered for the golf enthusiast at SYNLawn Golf.

Our backyard artificial putting greens and indoor golf greens are joined in the SYNLawn Golf family by a variety of practice golf mats. These mats and their features include:

Learn more about the many golf training aids available to the golf enthusiast through SYNLawn Golf.

The ability to practice when you want to and no matter where you are is a wonderful gift, and SYNLawn Golf practice mats give that ability to you. There are times when life is simply too busy to make it down to the driving range or find time for the practice green at your local golf facility. When life hurries up it is still possible to find a little time for the game you love. We’ve made the game portable, and that’s a very good thing!

Discover for yourself why SYNLawn is so synonymous with great golf-related products by contacting your local distributor today. The strokes you’ll soon take off your game will be more than enough validation for doing so.

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