Elements of Practice: Wedge Tee Boxes

Your own personal driving range

  • “20 to 60-yard short game shots are incredibly important to practice — so let us build some wedge tee boxes at specific distances to your green complex " then let the improvement begin!” — Dave Pelz.
  • “Remember, making Golf easy to practice and fun is what SYNLawn is all about. So let us design a golf complex that makes working on small pitch swings easy. That might mean locating a wedge tee box in a nicely shaded area for mid-day (lunchtime) practice.” — Dave Pelz.
  • “Placing wedge tee boxes at different locations around your complex can let you experience every angle into your greens.” — Pelz Golf Institute.
  • Allows you to practice soft pitch shots, soft wedge swings, and even full wedge swings if space allows.
  • We recommend using SYNLawn Golf’s 4′ x 4′ Fairway Mat.
  • Recommended distances for wedge tee box placement are: 20 yards to target, 40 yards, 60 yards.
  • Place wedge tee boxes at any location (in shade with a cooler and a bench) you desire and that complements your complex and makes it easy to practice.
dave pelz elements of practice fairway wedge tee box shots
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