Philip Rivers new SYNLawn putting green

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Philip Rivers shares his thoughts on his new synthetic putting green from SYNLawn artificial grass.

“Hi, I’m Philip Rivers NFL Quarterback out in San Diego.

We’re here at our home. I have a family with eight children, wife, and eight children, so we are always looking for some fun and different activities, so SYNLawn was the perfect choice for us.

Having young children, knowing that the little ones are going to be all around, around it all the time, anything artificial you know when you first think of it, my first thing is to think of is the safety of the children.

SYNLawn right away said ‘Look this is eco-friendly, it’s made in America, it’s really a plant-based product.’ That was a concern, so finding that out was a real positive.

We were looking not only for a putting green to play and have a good time, but something that looked real.

You know you turn on the TV and watch those pros, and you want to go out there and feel like you’re practicing one that has a little break to it and a little undulation to it.

You can move off the green a little bit and chip a few. So my two boys and I have had a blast out here using the putting green.

Just the professionalism and, I think family feel. Also, you know, easy to communicate with, easy to work with was a good start from right off the bat.Philip Rivers

Again, you throw in all those things, the way it looks, the performance factor.

I know there’s a lot of things artificial these days you think with the little ones too, what types of products are used.

You want it to be safe too for the kids right? A two-year-old is not going to be putting; she’s going to be laying on the turf.

So you want to make sure the products are safe, and with that in mind.

I know that is something that SYNLawn is very high on making sure of that as well.

All those things just added up to a perfect fit.”