Elements of Practice: Bunkers

Take the fear out of Bunker shots

  • “Tour Pros get up and down 50% of the time out of bunkers, while amateurs struggle to …get out of the bunker! Providing a practice area for this part of the Game would help amateurs immensely.” — Dave Pelz
  • “A bunker swing is just like a good wedge swing — but with different ball position and body alignment. If you never practice it, the bunker will always scare you.” — Dave Pelz
  • Sand Bunkers should be placed far enough away from the putting green so that sand thrown from the bunker doesn’t build up on the green. Bunker lips should not get too deep.
  • Bunker location is very important: face the bunker so Golfers are hitting towards the green complex and fences/shrubs; and hitting away from people centers/glass windows etc. Also, provide drainage just like a grass bunker.
dave pelz elements of practice bunker shots
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